There is always something to do.Things to work on and projects to accomplish. Learning is paramount to accomplishing. Ignorance shouldn’t be an excuse to be idle. Try some of the these Ones, and engage.

Feral Cat Control has become a world wide issue, but there’s more in a name than a name. Your support for for this evergrowing issue could go long way in finding solutions.

New construction, additions, remodeling and repairs has all been done by Mr Cricket Inc. Working in the South Florida area since 1945.

Imagine what is the One Thing you want, need or just Dezir. Children live life with out confines. Only as we learn what can’t be done do we develop goals and cease to follow our Dreams. Imagine living with the knowledge you have and the Dreams you lost.

Sometimes you just need to prepare for the unexpected. History is great lesson to learn about the Final Reich that might have led to USDomination…..But it didn’t

Interesting form of thought. Just a little out of the mainstream Egregious Miscellany.